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   Listings Enhancements

The Medword List “Priority Placement” and “Be Bold” listing enhancements are a cost-efficient method of drawing attention to your listing.

  • “Priority Placement” listings will appear at the top of sub-categories. Regular directory listings will appear below Priority Placement listings in normal alphabetical order. If there are multiple Priority Placement links they will appear in alphabetical order also, but initially, each sub-category will only have up to a maximum of three priority listings. Your logo, conforming to the specifications below, may accompany your listing at no extra charge.
  • “Be Bold” listings will appear in their normal alphabetical position in the sub-category, but will stand out from the other listings in the same category due to the listing being set in a type font heavier than the other listings.

Fees For “Priority Placement”

  • “Priority Placement” may be purchased for 14.99 USD per month or get one month free when you pay 164.89 USD for an annual placement. There is an order minimum of three months.


   For Priority Placement with Your Logo

  • Logos may be static or animated. (Animated logos are restricted to 3 loops and lasting not longer than 6 seconds each loop.)
  • Images must be no greater than 125 pixels wide and 80 pixels high
  • Images must be in GIF or JPG format only
  • Logos must be sent by e-mail attachment after your payment is made. (Instructions are included with your e-mail confirmation receipt.)

Fees For “Be Bold”

  • “Be Bold” may be purchased for 4.99 USD per month or get one month free when you pay 54.89 USD for an annual placement. There is an order minimum of six months.

Priority Placement Example
Be Bold Example


Please Note:
The Medword List Editors reserve the right to refuse any order request for Medword List Priority Placement, for any reason. Orders for The Medword List Priority Placement feature are still subject to all the acceptance criteria set out for any site requesting inclusion in the directory. The criteria may be reviewed here.

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