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The Medword List Medical Directory is assembled for the benefit of: medical transcriptionists specifically; medical coders & medical billers generally; physicians and healthcare workers in the many specialties of medicine; medical information technologists, and; science professionals generally. This unique focus results in a collection of medical information, health care, and science web site links that combine to make a medical directory we call "The Medword List."

Associations (6)
Business (166)
Computers (452)
Conditions and Diseases (2528)
Drugs and Medications (186)
Health (4948)
Medical and Health Technology (16)
Medical Coding & Billing (2)
Medical Equipment and Devices (15)
Medical Transcription (138)
Medicine (1869)
Nursing (303)
Recreation (1040)
Reference (51)
Science (1279)
Society (525)
Writer Resources (478)

There are 14002 links in The Medword List

If you have a site whose main content is medicine or medical transcription, or any other site that you think would be of interest to medical transcriptionists and/or others in the professions mentioned above, we invite you to submit your site for inclusion at no charge.

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